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Blockchain game-changer

We are creating crowd-tipping cryptocurrency that supports content creators and enhances social interaction online. We blur out borders, connecting creators and followers like never before.

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Start your New Year with Lamborghini!

Nagezeni & CoinSuper wish you happy holidays and give away huge presents.
Together we announce the contest for our users trading NZE on CoinSuper.
We commit a Lamborghini Huracán, premium watches and 160.5 ETH to the winners.
Any user who with >0 net purchase of NZE during the campaign will participate automatically.

The higher the volume, the better prize.

TOP-5 prizes:

1st - Lamborghini Huracán

2nd - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 42mm Stainless Steel Aftermarket Diamond +15 ETH

3rd - Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Black Edition Zalium OCEATZ44ZZ007 +10 ETH

4th - Franck Muller Vanguard Stainless Steel Aftermarket Full Diamond V45 SC DT +5 ETH

5th - Rolex Submarine Ref.116610LN Black Bezel Satinless Steel Double name with Schlumberg +3 ETH

The competition will run from 3 December to 17 December.

Be faster than others, promo ends in:


Don’t dream about Lambo, get one!

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Tip digital currencies to favorite content creators - contribute to their growth!


Support the digital presence and interactions of your brand - let the world know about you.


Send and receive money between peers - enjoy ultra-speed and low transaction fees.

Nagezeni - the ultimate social media incentive to get support from online communities or support other people online.

Our main pillars


Why investors choose Nagezeni

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NZE - for community, for creators, for everyone

Online interaction

Upvote to send support to an online post or receive the support for posting high-quality content. Browser plugin enables micro-payments on any social media or online community website.

P2P Payments

Utilize NZE as a payment settlement tool to serve as a payment currency with low fees.


Exchange NZE for any other cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.


Set up your own crowdfunding style page to receive contributions in NZE cryptocurrency.

Ad Revenue

Pay for advertising in NZE to show and market your products or services to a worldwide platform, including e-mail and apps.



Introduces new use cases to the Bitcoin network, including micro-transactions.

Instant Payments

Allows the creation of blocks at 10 seconds average interval, with low stale block rate, and no additional centralization incentives.


Nagezeni’s technology is secured by merge-mining which prevents double spending and fraud.


Sidechain allows to reach the same level as PayPal for scaling and confirming transactions.

Nagezeni Token Features

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Bloggers about Nagezeni



Yoshihito Matsumiya

Author of bestseller about social media technology (over 400,000 copies). Business author, speaker, business consultant and social media coordination producer.
A graduate from School of Arts and Letters of Meiji University, Yoshihito Matsumiya has worked in entertainment and HR industries. In 2006 he became an independent marketing consultant, organized seminars and later started his career as a business literature writer.
During his life, Yoshihito Matsumiya has got relevant expertise in marketing, copywriting and after becoming a consultant, he deepened knowledge of human psychology and got an NLP Trainer certificate.

Yoshihito Matsumiya’s large experience, unique know-hows and precise detailed guidance have been acknowledged by many clients.


Julia Della Scala

Ms. Scala is a renowned crypto thought leader with strong networks in Japan, China, Hong-Kong and the US. Ms. Scala has led investments in several successful ICOs and is known for organizing high-quality meetup events and for leading large chat groups. Julia Della Scala holds a Bachelor’s degree from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics and is a graduate from University of California San Diego.